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After much effort was expended in trying to arrange the planned reunion in August to take in a visit to RAF Cosford and to find an easily reached, central location for all it all proved beyond me. There is, apparently, some sort of ‘pop’ festival taking place during that Month in the West Midlands and a hotel is not to be found

Plan ‘B’ has, however, come to fruition and the hotel is booked, the meal is cheap and the location is right back where we started from.

I have managed to place a holding on rooms in a hotel in Hereford town centre who are willing to await confirmation of rooms by April. Details are below.

Unfortunately to due the the new tenants of Credenhill wishing to maintain their privacy we will be unable to visit the old camp en masse. There will, I am sure, be other places we can remember fondly - The Bricklayers Arms and The Travellers Rest are two that spring easily to mind (and I don’t drink much).

I am going to set up a system for booking your rooms with the hotel independently as that worked well at Halton (click on name to see the report). I will, of course, inform everybody by e-mail as soon as this is available.

The Green Dragon Hotel Hereford Tel: +44 (0)1432 272506

Double rooms - £35 per person per night

Single occupancy + £10 pounds per person per night

3 course meal on Saturday night (menu to follow) at £24 per person