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However, the most significant change at this time was for some administrative apprentices in Entries Nos. 301 - 309 to be trained as Nursing Attendants.

A total of 190 were trained between September, 1964 and April, 1968, when Nursing Attendant Training ceased. Entries 301-309 were trained at MTE (Medical Training Establishment) RAF Halton, with the nursing element undertaken at PMRAF Hospital Halton. Then with Entry Nos. 310 - 314, from September, 1967 to December1969, 100 administrative apprentices were trained for Medical Secretarial duties and were trained as Med Secs. They too were medically trained at MTE but for other elements of their training they were part of No 1 School of Technical Training RAF Halton.

Webmaster Note November 2009: Following information received from a member of the 330th entry, we are pleased to show below, accurate information relating to service numbers issued to Apprentice Clerks and Admin Apprentices: The block of numbers allocated for Apprentice Clerks in 1925 was 590001 to 594261, which seemingly provided for the Ruislip apprentices (up to 592080) and for the entries from 1947 until the allocation was exhausted.

The next batch of Administrative Apprentice numbers allocated (in Oct 64) was from 594301 to 599999; the last number actually issued was 596003. With the next batch of numbers starting at 600000 it would appear that the only individuals with 596XXX numbers were admin apprentices and there were only ever 4 of them. The list confirms that numbers 594262 to 594300 were never allocated to any elements of the RAF.

Turning to the 311 to 330 entry era the list shows that a block from 8000005 to 8002157 was used rather than being allocated from the male recruit block as the web-site suggests. As a result it should be relatively easy to identify anyone from this era, with the exception of those who came to us via Halton, Cosford or Locking.

With the passing-out in August. 1973 of the 330th Entry, administrative apprentice training in the RAF ceased.
Over the period May, 1947 - August. 1973, it had trained some 4,500 apprentices, and indeed a number of them are thought to be still serving. A snapshot of ex-administrative apprentice achievements, shows that others worthy of note are John Williamson of the 9th Entry who was